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Fun with Gingerbread Houses

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5a47e2bf8d50cMadison Aldrich, Samantha Salker, and Katey Koopmans built this gingerbread house.Madison Aldrich

Madison Aldrich

Madison Aldrich, Samantha Salker, and Katey Koopmans built this gingerbread house.

The Culinary Arts class worked on designing and making gingerbread houses for the week leading up to Christmas break. Everyone was really excited because it was their first big project.  They started by drawing the houses and making the stencils for the roof and walls of the house.  It was probably the least exciting part of the process.  Next, they made the dough and cut the pieces into the sizes that were needed.  Some groups made the dough incorrectly, and it was just a sticky mess, so they had to throw it away and restart. Madison Aldrich said, “It required a lot of teamwork and compromise because we had a lot of differing design opinions.” When they were done baking, they started putting the pieces together.  Some of the pieces were broken, so they had to glue the broken pieces together before they could put the houses together.  Even though it was kind of a disaster for some of the groups, they still felt the Christmas spirit. During the process, the students had mixed feeling about it.  Some didn’t really like it some of them did.  Their favorite part about the experience varied.  Most of them said decorating was the best part.  Some said eating the gingerbread house was their favorite part.  A few students even said destroying the houses was fun.  Overall, everyone had a great time.

Fun with Gingerbread Houses

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