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Volleyball Varsity Vs. MMC & RU at Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn at 5:30. Hope to see you there!!

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Water Girls

There are a few people who attend every varsity football game and work to help out the team.  Their time and effort isn’t usually celebrated like the players are when they win.  They do play important roles though.  Margaret Jamtgaard is a first year water girl.  She said, “It’s the best view of the game,” referring to her position down on the field. Allyson Westra commented that, “You learn more about football and understand it because you’re there.”  She has done stats for the last two years. Callie Schmidt said, “I have learned so much more . . . read more

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Middle School Solo/Ensemble Festival

Middle School had their annual solo contest on Tuesday, April 29th. read more feedback

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A Visit to the White House

Seniors took their annual trip to Washington D.C. They left the morning of the 25th and returned the night of the 28th. They visited place such as the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Newseum, and other historical attractions. read more Feedback


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