May 3, 2016 Tuesday: Golf JV/V V at West Sioux @ 4:30p. Soccer: High School JV/V Girls at storm lake @ 5:00pm. Soccer: High School JV/V Boys at West Sioux @ 5:00pm. Go Falcons!!

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Falcon Banner, May 3

Senior Trip to Washington, D.C. by Ihtisham Haq Every year, the seniors go to Washington, D.C. for their senior class trip.  This year, thirty students, three teachers, and three parents went to D.C. They flew from Omaha, NE early in the morning on Friday, April 22nd. They spent three days in Washington, D.C. and came back late on Monday, April 25th. While in D.C., the whole schedule was packed with activities . . .

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Dear Parents, Through a new program called , your student can automatically earn scholarships from colleges each time he or she achieves any of the following goals in school: Get an A in a course  ($100 - $1,000) Get a B in a course ($50 - $600)  Participate in a school club or sport ($25 - $250) And much more . . .

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