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Monday, October 5 Jv Triangular at Home

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Homecoming for the Elementary

The athletes of West Sioux decided to go and eat lunch and play with the kids of the elementry. The kids also had fun just before that cheering with the cheerleaders and learning cheers for the pep rally. The athletes got beat up by the kids climbing all over them and getting them excited for homecoming. The athletes broke a sweat playing with the kids outside constantly running around, playing ball and reliving thier elementary days. Both the kids and the athletes enjoyed the day. They also had elementary dress up days all week. One day the kids all dressed up in neon and glowed the day away. They even had classroom wars . . . read more Feedback

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West Sioux Homecoming Football Game 2015

  Many of you may have attended the football game on Friday night. It was West Sioux’s Homecoming against Akron-Westfield. West Sioux had an amazing play called the Hook and Ladder. It consisted of a throw from Porter Hummel to Kezden Blankenship and then a quick pass to Isaac Topete.The crowd was really pumped up. If you missed this exciting play there is a video of it up on Twitter. The link is posted below. The final score was 42-14 in favor of West Sioux.   Link to the play- . . . read more feedback

West Sioux PROSPER

Do you like to play games with your family or wish you could? Do you think you need more help with how to resist peer pressure and handle stress? Do you wish you had more time to tell your parents how you really feel inside about school, going to middle school, friends, anything?   All families can benefit from spending quality time together in or SFP 10-14 for short.   Four good reasons for joining SFP 10-14: 1. Play fun games with . . . read more


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